About Our Company

Driven by research, Viki Labs is an R&D firm specialized in Robotics, IoT & AI. Our team includes a group of researchers and engineers with over a decade of experience in the technology sector. Our solutions are deployed by customers located across Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa. Our research and solutions are trusted by enterprises across the world.

What do we do?

Given an industrial challenge, our expert team research, evaluate and build customized solutions. Our top priority and competitive advantage is understanding customer needs and requirements. Besides the initial requirement meeting, we include customers in the early stages of development for the purpose of building stable high quality solutions.

Focus area

Our expertise includes Embedded Hardware Development, Embedded Software Development, IoT, Robotics Application Development & AI. 

In addition to our core work, we design applications for mobile, web & desktop ecosystems to accelerate customer’s productivity with our solutions.


Our team consists of experts who have designed enterprise solutions in IoT, Edge Computing, Robotics, and Embedded Systems.

Most members of our team have worked for blue-chip enterprises like Cisco, Intel, Hitachi, and IBM.

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